Tower Of God Chapter 535 Release Date Tower Of God Chapter 535 Spoilers Tower Of God Chapter 535 Raw Scans Where To Read Tower Of God Chapter 535

Tower Of God Chapter 535 Release Date, Spoilers, And Raw Scans

Grab your popcorns and be ready for the next chapter because everything will be intense now. Tower Of God has reached a level where you can’t miss a single moment. And we know that after reading chapter 534 all of you are waiting for Tower Of God Chapter 535 Release Date.

The manhwa is so good right now that it has made the wait for the second season even harder. And after the announcement of Classroom Of The Elite season 2, we will get Tower Of God’s second season announcement really soon as well.

Now, getting back to Chapter 534 which saw so many breathtaking moments and one of the best action sequences. We got to know about the Boss and he is running riot. No one actually has any idea what can happen here.

Tower Of God Chapter 534 Recap: The Boss Enters!!

Tower Of God Chapter 535 Release Date Tower Of God Chapter 535 Spoilers Tower Of God Chapter 535 Raw Scans Where To Read Tower Of God Chapter 535

Bam and others are trying to stop Leviathan. But after seeing so much space Leviathan starts to deny and resist as much as he could. Vicente is shocked after seeing that Bam is trying to completely devour the monster.

On the other hand, Orari is running at a very high speed. But the soldier is still able to keep up with her. She is sceptical and tests the soldier. It turns out that he was the first boss. Yorari splits up with her to find others. But Yule stops Yorari as it turns out he is the second boss.

As the last resort Leviathan shoots a large energy beam that was felt even outside of the realm. We cut back to the first boss and Orari who is presumed dead as her head was squashed in. The supendium broke and resulted and Baam and others jumps out of there.

Tower Of God Chapter 535 Raw Scans

As we all know that Tower Of God is one of the most famous manhwas right now. There are very few manhwa’s rights now that can match the level of Tower Of God. So, it is obvious that there will be lots of sites and sources providing spoilers.

The Raw Chapter of Tower Of God is released 2 days before the official release of the chapter. After that many translators pick the Raw Scans up and post the translated version on their site or other forums. But the translation can differ from the original one.

We advise you to wait for the official chapter as it is more accurate and will improve your reading experience. But you can go to the Tower Of God’s official website and various Reddit Forums and you can find the Raw Scans of the chapter pretty easily.

Tower Of God Chapter 535 Spoilers: The Last Battle??

It looks like we are getting close to the fight against the Family head. Yasratcha, Yama, and Baam will take up the charge against the family leader. There are also rumors that “Boss” can be the brother of Wangnan and Karaka.

On the other hand, we just find out the real potential of Baam and it is truly scary. It is being implied that Baam has more potential than the family heads. So, a fight between Baam and Family Head can decide the future of everyone involved.

And now that Bonehead’s suspicion Yool is correct it will be interesting to see what he will do. And at the end, we saw Baam with blue eyes and it can mean that Baam absorbed the Leviathan’s energy and now is something else entirely.

Tower Of God Chapter 535 Release Date

Tower Of God Chapter 535 Release Date will be as per the schedule only. Chapter 535 is scheduled to release on 20 March 2022. Same day as the Boruto Chapter 68, which will finally see Naruto stepping down as Hokage.

The Raw Chapter will be released one day prior to the translated version, I.E. March 19, 2022. The chapter will be available at different times according to the timezone.

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM
  • Eastern Time: Noon
  • Central Time: 11 AM
  • British Time: 5 PM

Where To Read Tower Of God Chapter Chapter 535

You can read the latest chapters of Tower Of God for free on Webtoon. The chapters are free and Webtoon is a legal website. The chapters are released officially here, so you will get the best translation possible.

Various Reddit forums and websites also provide the chapter but we will advise you to use only the legal sources. It will not only give you the best reading experience but will also help the creators to give us more content in the future.

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