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One Piece Episode 1005 Release Date and Leaks

One Piece Episode 1004 showcased the battle between Akazaya Nine and Kaido. It depicts their dedication to their Lord Oden and their respect for him. The latest episode left everyone curious about One Piece Episode 1005 release date and leaks.

Big Mom is still on the sidelines battling Marco and dealing with Perospero. Those who have read the manga already know how will she be returning to the main battlefield.

We all know that Luffy will most probably be the one to deliver the final blow to Kaido. But Luffy is still stuck in the basement. With Jimbei and Sanji, he is sure to reach the roof soon. We will get to know more about all this in the next episode. Scroll down to read more about One Piece Episode 1005 Release Date and more.

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One Piece Episode 1004 Recap

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Before moving on to the main topic of this article, let’s have a brief One Piece Episode 1004 Recap.

Akazaya nine showcase their battle power and skills in their fight with Kaido and seemingly defeat him. Everyone in the fire capital is celebrating their one day of freedom that is the Fire Festival. They all hope for Akazaya Nine to return and free them one day.

Queen boasts about his new weapon or plague while the infected samurai turn to Ice Demons and go on a rampage. On the other hand, Luffy and Sanji are slowly moving towards the rooftop. Jimbei arrives to accompany them.

Bao Huang of Kaido’s crew informs King about the whereabouts of Momonosuke and Yamato. The king orders his forces to kill Momonosuke as it would break the will of samurai forces to fight. Hearing this, The Armored Corps of Kaido’s crew who were near Momonosuke ambushed them.

Yamato announces that she will be fighting for Momo. Big Mom grabs Marco by the neck snd order Peropero to kill him. Perospero draws an arrow but Carrot attacks him in her sulong form.

One Piece Episode 1005 Release Date

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One Piece releases one episode every Sunday. And so, One Piece episode 1005 release date was expected to be 26 December 2021, the day after Christmas. Rumours are that episodes 1005 and 1006 will release on the 9th of January, and February respectively.

The rumours are officially confirmed. Oda is taking a break and so will episode 1005. One Piece Episode 1005 release date is confirmed to be 9th January 2022.

One Piece Episode 1005 Leaks and Spoilers

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One piece is one of those rare animes that don’t directly copy everything from the manga. Instead, they use more than one chapter and compile the story of an episode accordingly.

This is the major reason why it is hard to give out any spoilers. Yet we are here with the spoilers and leaks for the episode from the manga. So if you don’t like spoilers and leaks ahead of the episode, then skip this section because it will contain major One Piece Episode 1005 spoilers.

Kaido will get up after taking the beating from Akazaya nine and fight back. Queen on the other hand will give the only antidote to the plague to Apoo and this will cause a huge commotion.

Usopp and Nami will be facing off Ulti and will be on the verge of loss. Then Otama will come to their rescue and finally join the fight. For more One Piece Episode 1005 spoilers and leaks, you can visit the Viz Media website to read the manga.

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Where to stream One Piece Episode 1005

We strongly urge you to support the original creators by only watching One Piece episode 1005 and other previous episodes of One Piece or any other anime on legal websites.

If you want to stream One Piece Episode 1005 then you can do so on Crunchyroll’s official website or app.

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