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My Isekai Life Episode 9 Release Date And Spoilers

Learn your magic spells and carry your strongest monster for this adventure. My Isekai Life episode 9 is almost here, and we are here to talk all about it.

The latest episode of My Isekai Life has dropped, leaving fans wondering what comes next for Yuji and his companions. With the cult Blue Moon of Salvation setting out to “liberate” the world, only Yuji can stop them. Watch My Isekai Life Episode 9 Release Date and Spoilers.

My Isekai Life Plot

Yuji was your average Japanese salaryman until one day he fell asleep during his work. When he woke up, he found himself in the gaming world. He had no recollection of how he got there, nor any idea how to escape the game.

Confused, Yuji found a number of small slime-like creatures inside an old hut that he seemed to be in control of. Yuji learned a number of different spells from the books of the mage who previously lived in the hut. In doing so, Yuji became a super strong magician known as a Sage.

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Armed with his spells, slimes and a guardian in the form of Proud Wolf, Yuji started travelling the land. Yuji’s main goal is to go back to his life as a salaryman. However, there are people who want to prevent that from happening,

My Isekai Life Episode 9 Spoilers

The threat of Blue Moon of Salvation looms over Yuji and his friends. Yuji must stay ahead of his enemies, or he could endanger those whom he cares about. While Yuji’s enemies keep their eye on him, Yuji can’t help but stay a step ahead of the assassins’. Yuji does this by deploying some of his slimes as hidden agents among his friends as well as his enemies.

The slimes keep him updated regarding important updates, such as the assassins’ attack on Father Steyl’s life. While Yuji didn’t want to stop them before, the assassination attempt on Father Steyl’s life was too much. This led Yuji to use his ice magic to stop them. With the assassins taken care of, Yuji goes back to the blacksmith Geigel to ask him to build his slime monster’s armour.

Geigel agrees but mentions a dragon that has been living inside the volcano present in their town. Although the dragon proves to be a strong enemy, he is no match for Yuji. The rest of the episode sees Yuji preparing against the Blue Moon of Salvation.

My Isekai Life has been successful in capturing the audience’s attention. The anime has been fun to watch so far. Magic, monsters, spells and weapons have an element of mystery that surrounds the realm. With 8 episodes being out at the time of writing this article, My Isekai Life shows promise to be a great adventure anime.

My Isekai Life Episode 9 Release Date

Fans of the series know that a new episode is always around the corner. My Isekai Life releases a new Episode every Monday. See the new episode on Monday, 15th August, 16:30 Indian Standard Time. Catch up on missed nuances and explanations from Episode 7 by going through the spoilers.

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Where to watch My Isekai Life Episode 9

We always support watching anime through legal means, to better support the creators that make the anime.

My Isekai Life is available on the Japanese version of Netflix. We suggest using a VPN to watch My Isekai Life on Netflix.

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