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My Isekai Life Episode 10 Spoilers and Release Date

Dragons are scary, Fire-breathing Dragons are even scarier. What happens when two hundred fire-breathing Lesser Fire Dragons all aim at you with their fiery breath? You pray that you have an army of slimes that can produce enough water. How about a Blue Lesser Fire Dragon? Arm yourself with your strongest ice magic, and you’re set. But what will happen when a Godzilla-sized fire-breathing dragon erupts from a volcano, threatening to level the entire town? Read about My Isekai Life Episode 10 Release Date here.

What will happen if an army of Lesser Fire Dragons tries to invade the place you chose to protect? Despite your upgraded power, will you be successful in defeating the fire abomination that threatens the town? These are some of the questions we will find out in My Isekai Life Episode 10. Read more about My Isekai Life Episode 10 Spoilers.

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Yuji finally managed to create armour, not only for one of his slimes but one for Proud Wolf as well. All thanks to the Blue Lesser Fire Dragon jewels, Yuji’s monsters have gotten even more powerful. Proud Wolf can run even faster now, and Yuji’s slime can put out even stronger magic.

Yuji now seems to be unstoppable with his magic. However, with the threat of a fire dragon looming over Yuji, even he must be apprehensive to approach the monster. How will he face this problem? Read about My Isekai Life Episode 10 Spoilers and Release Date to find out!

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My Isekai Life Episode 10: How to Beat Dragons?!

With the threat of a fire dragon seemingly cornering Yuji, the Sage must find a way to stop the onslaught of destruction. While we cannot be certain what happens next, we can speculate on the outcomes. So let us put on our thinking caps for this segment.

The slaughter of about two hundred two Lesser Fire Dragons would lead the remaining Dragons to attack the town. We witnessed the eyes of the dragons shining red like those of the zombies in the first episode. This is a connection to the Blue Moon of Salvation, a cult seeking to “liberate the world”. Their trademark of corrupting people has shifted to corrupting dragons, which makes them even more dangerous.

The odds may seem against Yuji but he has often been seen to defy those. With the use of the blue jewel, Yuji can cast some really powerful spells that he can use against the dragons. Even with the jewel amplifying the power of just one of his slimes, the result could be drastically different this time.

Geigel would also help Yuji with the red dragon jewels he brought to him in one of the previous episodes. The use of this could probably augment the already powerful Yuji by boosting his magic powers even more.

Even defeating the fire dragon could prove to be relatively easier with the combined help from the dragon jewels. Finally, the dragon would be defeated, which could end up yielding a more powerful dragon artefact.

The episode could also include Yuji searching for more members of the cult, which leads him to another city. Yuji could also come across new slimes as well during his travels.

But what are some of your speculations? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

My Isekai Life Episode 10 Release Date

Fans of the series can always rely on the studio to release new episodes on time. My Isekai Life comes every Monday at 16:30 IST and 04:00 PST. Catch up on all the segments you may have glossed over by reading the spoilers.

Where to stream My Isekai Life?

As always, we urge everyone to stream anime through legal means, as it supports the team of artists that work on animating these shows that we love.

My Isekai Life is available on the Japanese version of Netflix. We suggest using a VPN to watch My Isekai Life on Netflix.

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