Eleceed Chapter 185 Spoilers Eleceed Chapter 185 Raw Scans Eleceed Chapter 185 Release Date Where To Read Eleceed Chapter 185

Eleceed Chapter 185 Release Date, Spoilers, And Raw Scans

It is Korea against the world now!!

Eleceed is getting to a very interesting position now. It looks like Korea is ready to face the world. The secret that they were hiding for so long is out in the world now. Jiyoung just fought against Vator and she might have been victorious here.

Eleceed has been getting intense with each chapter, but right now the quality of each chapter is on the next level altogether. The story is getting better, and the artwork is improving with each chapter. And just like One Punch Man, the action is otherworldly.

The last few chapters of Eleceed have been a treat for every Jiyoung fan. And now that it is confirmed that she is a world ranker, it will get better from here. The world is at her feet and we are ready for it.

Eleceed Chapter 184 Recap: World Ranker Jiyoung!!

Eleceed Chapter 185 Spoilers Eleceed Chapter 185 Raw Scans Eleceed Chapter 185 Release Date Where To Read Eleceed Chapter 185

Eleceed Chapter 184 saw Jiyoung almost beating Vator who is one of the best hunters in the world. Now that she has beaten Vator, the world is bound to know.

The world government is bound to recognize Korea now. First the training camp and now the defeat of Vator. It is sure that Korea has hidden its power from the world. But the reason is still not revealed.

Jinyoung has completely changed the world ranking and it will definitely affect Korea and the world. Now the whole world is watching them. So now Kayden also has to watch his back more.

Eleceed Chapter 185 Raw Scans

Eleceed follows a very tight release schedule. The release date rarely gets delayed and the schedule is always on point. We can say that Eleceed is just as constant as Tokyo Revengers manga altogether.

Eleceed Raw Scans are released one day before the release of the original chapter. After the raw scans are released, many translators upload the translated version in a few hours. The official translated version is released the next day.

As of now, Eleceed Chapter 185 Raw Scans are not available yet. We advise you to wait for the original chapter as it will give you the best result. You can go to the Eleceed Reddit forum for the Raw Scans a day before the release of the chapter.

Eleceed Chapter 185 Spoilers: A New Challenge?

Even though Eleceed Chapter 185 Raw Scans are not available yet, there are various sources that provide spoilers for the latest chapters consistently. If you don’t want your story to be spoiled, we advise you to skip this section of the article.

In the next chapter, we will see the aftermath of Jiyoung and Vator’s fight. We will also know who has won between them. And we hope it is Jiyoung only. In Vator’s flashback, we also saw that both Kayden and Vator were heavily injured.

But as of now, Jiyoung has not got a single scratch. So, is she even stronger than Kayden as well? We will also know what will happen to Kayden’s challenge if Vator is defeated by Jiyoung only. And the decision by World Government will also be interesting.

Eleceed Chapter 185 Release Date

As we have stated before Eleceed always follows a very strict release schedule and rarely goes on a delay. So, this week also there will be no delay in the release of Eleceed’s next chapter. It will release as per the schedule only.

March 17, 2022, is the scheduled Eleceed Chapter 185 Release Date. A new chapter is released every Thursday. While the Raw Scans are released every Wednesday. The release timings for Eleceed Chapter 185 are:

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM
  • Eastern Time: 12:00 Noon
  • Central Time: 11 AM
  • British Time: 5 PM

Where To Read Eleceed Chapter 185

You can read Eleceed from various sources. There are many fan sites that upload the translated chapter within a few hours. But we request and advise you to use only legal and official sources as it will help the creators massively.

Webtoons allow you to read Eleceed for free. The site is behind 2-3 chapters but it is legal and absolutely free. You can also read the raw chapters on Eleceed’s official website. And you can join Eleceed Reddit forums to get various legal sources to read the chapter.

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