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Call Of The Night Episode 9 Release Date, Spoilers And Story

Beware the vampire council! Would you choose death or turn into a vampire? And what if you cannot get to choose who turns you into one, even when you already have? Read about it in Call Of The Night Episode 9 Release Date and Spoilers.

When a council of vampire ladies kidnap Yamori, it all falls on Nazuna to stop anything bad from happening to him. But Nazuna doesn’t mix well with the others from her brethren. What can she do to stop the vampires from having Yamori’s blood?

Call of the Night ep 9 release date, Call of the Night ep 9 spoilers, Call of the Night ep 9 story, Call of the Night episode 9 release date, Call of the Night episode 9 spoilers, Call of the Night episode 9 story

With a bigger plot point set in action, Call Of The Night has amped up its game by introducing new vampires. We can expect to see them in future episodes, interacting with Yamori and Nazuna. What can we learn more about these new and mysterious predators of the night? Keep reading about Call Of The Night Episode 9 Spoilers to find out!

Call Of The Night: What happened?!

The duo has been increasing their horizons of activities they can do together. As usual, our protagonist found himself wandering the streets of Japan at night. Yamori stumbled upon Kiyosumi Shirakawa, the woman he massaged for Nazuna.

After a pleasant conversation, however, it started to rain heavily. Yamori took shelter under a roof to avoid getting wet. Yamori struck up a conversation with a pretty blonde in high school clothing. Both of them talked, resulting in Yamori trusting her enough to follow her under a highway.

This would prove disastrous when the blond bared her fangs at Yamori’s neck, revealing her as a vampire. With blinding speed, however, Nazuna intercepts her from sinking her fangs into his neck. The two vampires clashed in an epic battle over Yamori, giving us the first fight scene of the anime. At the same time, more vampires arrived and took Yamori away.

Yamori tries to understand what happened to him. He engages in a conversation with the beautiful vampires, all with different personalities. They aimed to woo Yamori into becoming a vampire. However, if they failed, they would have to kill him, otherwise, he could spill the secrets of the vampires to the world.

All the vampires tried to seduce Yamori into becoming a vampire by them. However, since Yamori couldn’t understand how to feel when he was in love, he managed to remain unaffected by the vampires. This was much to the vampires’ surprise, as their beauty and communication skills have always managed to coerce others.

When Nazuna arrives, Yamori explained their situation to the vampires. He explained that in exchange for Yamori’s blood, Nazuna will turn him into a vampire one day. This satisfied the group enough that they would stop pursuing them.

Call Of The Night Episode 9: What will happen?!

Currently, the series has been expanding its story arc beyond what it is right now. Therefore, it would be difficult to say for sure what happens in the upcoming episodes. However, we have some speculations regarding what comes next.

Episode 7 ended with a blank expression on everyone’s faces. Yamori declared that he would never stop trying to become a vampire, even if it takes years. It seems like the vampires know something, that Yamori doesn’t know yet.

Perhaps the vampires will mention a time limit, within which Yamori has to become a vampire. Failing to do so may mean trouble for both Yamori and Nazuna. Yamori could be killed and Nazuna could be banished, or worse.

Also, it seems that with the introduction of so many vampires, some of them may interfere with Yamori and Nazuna’s affairs. Since the vampire group loves cliches, they will be interested in knowing Nazuna’s love life and interfering in it.

The show also released its seventh episode, leading many to believe it is already halfway through the first season. We may still get a chance to witness Yamori become a vampire by the end of the season. However, we cannot say for sure.

You can comment down your predictions for the next episode as well!

Call of the Night Episode 9 Release Date

Let the night call you to a new episode on 2nd September, 8:45 at Indian Standard Time and 20:00 at Pacific Standard Time. Read up on spoilers to catch any missed-out nuances or concepts.

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