Boruto Episode 228 Release Date,Episode 227 Recap Boruto Episode 228 Preview Boruto Episode 228 Spoilers Where to Watch Boruto Episode 228

Boruto Episode 228 Release Date And Spoilers

Hey guys, Boruto anime is on a roll right now and after the release of the 227th episode today, there has been a hike in questions about Boruto Episode 228. The resumed chunin exams have finally ended and to be honest, it did disappoint the fans a little bit.

The fight scenes were not as intense as we expected. But still, we get to see four new chunin and in episode 227 we even got to see Sarada acting as the leader of Team 7. A lot happened in the latest episode and we will definitely talk about it in this article.

Since the beginning of the resumed chunin exams, we have only seen anime canon episodes and that is essential for the anime too. Boruto already has a bad reputation when it comes to fillers. That is why we are getting these anime canons but everyone awaits a manga canon episode.

We will definitely update once a manga canon is released. But until then, let’s just be happy with what we have. Also, scroll down to read more about Episode 228 spoilers, episode 277 recap, and much more.

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Boruto Episode 227 Recap

Boruto Episode 227 Recap
Boruto Episode 228 Preview
Boruto Episode 228 Spoilers
Where to Watch Boruto Episode 228
Boruto Episode 228 Release Date
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It’s only been a few minutes since the release of episode 227 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation and it was a pretty wholesome episode. Even though we didn’t get to see much action, it was still worth the watch. If you still haven’t seen episode 227 yet then stop right here because there will be spoilers.

The episode began with Sarada fawning over her Chunin jacket, but in her mind, she is also thinking about how they will now be separated from Konohamaru. After Sarada returns to her room, Sasuke goes to check up on her and tells her that Konohamaru might not be with them all the time, but his teachings always will be.

The next morning Sarada and Boruto remind Mitsuki that Sarada will be the new captain of the team and Konohamaru will leave the team. They decide to go meet him where they meet Shikamaru and Sai who tell them that Konohamaru is out on a mission with Mirai. Later that night, we see Mirai lying on the gate of Konoha.

In the next scene, we see Boruto running to the hospital where Sakura is treating Mirai who wakes up and tells them about the situation of the village they want to and how Hyogo of the Hundred Bandits have captured Konohamaru.

Naruto decides to send reinforcements and Team 7 is chosen as they wanted to help Konohamaru and they also have the best teamwork with Konohamaru. We see Hyogo torturing Konohamaru to get info on Konoha’s sensory system.

Team 7 is ready to intervene but soon they realize Konohamaru’s plan and decide to wait till the night falls. The night falls and along with it comes thick dense fog, and Boruto acts like a woman to distract the bandits while Sarada and Mitsuki defeat them and free the villagers.

Konohamaru frees himself and then with the help of Sarada and Boruto he defeats Hyogo was pretty weak himself. This mission got all of the closure and the next morning the selected candidates are officially promoted to chunin.

Boruto Episode 228 Preview and Spoilers

In Episode 226, Kawaki says that beginning as a Genin for Konoha wouldn’t be as bad as he thinks. This gives us a slight hint about him trying to become Genin. Episode 227 focused on TEAM 7.

A Reddit user recently leaked some information about episode 228. In episode 228, It is declared that for Kawaki to become a Genin, he has to take a special exam. This exam will be different from the typical mission that the Academy uses.

If Kawaki successfully executes a D-rank mission then it will put him on equal terms as the other Konoha genins. If the information is right about the spoiler then Kawaki would join team 10. Team 10 will be ordered to help team 7 in their mission. The only problem is that this mission won’t just be a D-rank mission.

Since these episodes are anime canon, we don’t exactly know what might happen in the episode. The most we can guess is by looking at the preview.

Boruto Episode 228 Release Date

Episode 228 titled ‘Kawaki, the Path to Shinobi’ is all set to be premiered on 12th December 2021. This episode is supposed to showcase Kawaki’s journey of becoming a Genin. This episode directly contradicts Kawaki’s statement about Shinobi’s age being over in the intro fight.

Kawaki who tells Boruto in a possible future fight that Shinobi’s age is over is longing to become one himself. We will just have to sit tight to know what happens in this episode.

The timing for the release of episode 228 in different regions are is as follows:

  • India Time: 3:00 PM
  • Britain Time: 10:00 AM
  • Central Time: 4:00 AM
  • Pacific Time: 2:00 AM

Where to Watch Boruto Episode 228

We strictly discourage you to use any fake and duplicate websites or applications. We urge you to use only Official platforms to watch all the episodes. This directly supports and encourages the creator.

Boruto episode 228 will release on Crunchyroll on 12 December for all premium users and a week later for the others.

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