Boruto Chapter 68 Raw Scans Boruto Chapter 68 Spoilers Boruto Chapter 68 Release Date Where To Read Boruto Chapter 68

Boruto Chapter 68 Release Date, Spoilers, And Raw Scans

Let’s look at the end of one of the best arc of the series!!

Boruto’s Code Arc is coming to end and it could not have been better than this. And Boruto Chapter 68 will show us the end to this arc which has been phenomenal from start to finish. We know that the wait for Boruto Chapter 68 Release Date is getting harder with each passing day now.

Chapter 68 might be the final confrontation between Kawaki and Boruto before the inevitable fight takes place. We might also see the relationship of Naruto and Boruto deteriorating over a few chapters now. In simple words, the next few chapters of Boruto will be really intense.

We can effectively say that we are in unknown territory now. There are lots of roads that can be taken to move the story forward. And every one of them looks really interesting.

Boruto Chapter 67 Recap: Kawaki Vs Code

Boruto Chapter 68 Raw Scans Boruto Chapter 68 Spoilers Boruto Chapter 68 Release Date Where To Read Boruto Chapter 68

Boruto Chapter 67 saw the fight between Kawaki and Code getting really intense. What a fight it was!! Kawaki was overwhelming Code for a while with his strength.

Kawaki cut down his escape routes and was on the verge of beating him. But at the last possible second, Code summoned his Daemon and that took the fireball for him.

On the other hand, Naruto was still in shock over Boruto’s death. As Naruto was trying to muster up the courage, Boruto starts responding. As it turns out Momoshiki healed him as Boruto dying will result in him dying as well.

Boruto Chapter 68 Raw Scans

Boruto is one of the most popular manga right now. And because of its monthly release schedule, you can easily find raw scans and spoilers for the upcoming chapters. Sometimes, even the spoilers for the upcoming 2-3 chapters are released.

Boruto Raw Scans are released 2-3 days before the official release of the chapter. So, at this point, Boruto Chapter 68 Raw Scans are not available yet. You can go on various Reddit forums and social media sites to look for Boruto Raw Scans.

We will advise you to wait for the official release, as it will give you maximum satisfaction and will stuff your excitement.

Boruto Chapter 68 Spoilers: The Final Stand??

Boruto Chapter 68 Raw Scans Boruto Chapter 68 Spoilers Boruto Chapter 68 Release Date Where To Read Boruto Chapter 68

As we just stated, finding spoilers for Boruto’s upcoming chapter is pretty easy. There are lots of users on social media and lots of Reddit forums providing us with those spoilers. We have stated earlier that this is a golden period for all manga lovers.

As lots of manga and manhwa are on the verge of ending one of their best arcs. You can take Tower Of God for example. Now, Boruto’s Code arc is also coming to an end. And chapter 68 will give us an idea of when. Shikamaru will tell about his plan in Kage’s meeting.

On the other hand, Code has also made all the plans to take Amado. Naruto might step down as Hokage because of all the psychological damage. And Kakashi is his perfect replacement. And everything is happening as Momoshiki predicted and Boruto is losing everything slowly.

Boruto Chapter 68 Release Date

Boruto follows a monthly release schedule. It was announced earlier that Boruto will start following the weekly schedule, but that plan was shrugged off as soon as it was announced.

March 20, 2022, is the scheduled Boruto Chapter 68 Release Date. And chapter 68 will release as per the schedule as there is no delay.

Where To Read Boruto Chapter 68

There are so many sources from where you can read Boruto depending on your location. You can read it for free on VIZ media. You can also take Kodansha’s subscription and get the monthly chapter as soon as it is released. Amazon also has complete Boruto’s collection.

VIZ media lets you read Boruto manga for absolutely free but only for the latest three chapters. If you want to read the whole collection you have to take VIZ media’s subscription. But if you are caught up with the manga, you can read it for free.

It is advisable to use only legal and official sources. As it will help the creators and motivate them to work more often and provide more content.

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